Free! short movie 2 FrFr (English sub)

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 ,Peace upon everyone out there
Welcome dear Friends

Straight to the point
.This is basically the Free! special
Free! short movie 2 FrFr
I had a great time doing this one
I've worked on the First one
 you can find it here=> Dark Knights

The work Shop
Subtitled By: Carla-san
Double checked by: Carla-san 
The total production was by: Carla-san

Here's some screen shots


I hope you enjoy my work

;On to the links
[Soft Sub [720p
Torrent | AmonShare | gulfup | putlocker
[Hard Sub [720p
Torrent | AmonShare | gulfup | putlocker
[Hard Sub [480p
Torrent | AmonShare | gulfup | putlocker

Links will be updated as soon as possible

!The subtitle are for personal use Only
!Plus! don't remove any of the credits

!Be nice and leave some comments
we work for Free! you know XD
it gives us some energy to work harder XD

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